Books Make A Difference

Books DO make a difference - books of all shapes, sizes, lengths, formats, content - Books DO make a difference in people's live.  I love to read them and I dream of writing them; okay, not them - just one.  I dream of writing ONE book! I have been dreaming this serious dream for about 7 years, but have fantasized about it for much longer than that. There is something so glamorous about the life of a writer ... oh wait, there is also something so HARD and FRUSTRATING about the life of a writer. I don't actually want to be a writer, I just want to write my one book.  For 2 years I have been seriously trying to write my book and have convinced myself of many things during those 2 years:

  • No one is interested in my topic (what it is like to be a leader who transitions from something he/she is very good at to something completely scary and unknown)
  • I can't write
  • The world does not need another book about change and transition or leadership
  • I can't write
  • This entire process is going to cost a ton of money and take a great deal of time
  • I don't like reading an editor's criticism of what I write
  • I really can't write

Are you picking up on the theme here? I have convinced myself that I am not a writer and cannot write anything that anyone would be interested in (besides a doctoral dissertation and a bunch of graduate school papers).   I believed that up until ... NOW!

What is special about NOW?  I had an epiphany that writing a weekly blogpost is kind of, sort of like being a writer, and I am a weekly blogger. Every Tuesday I post a bit of  RANDOM WISDOM.

I started the weekly blog because my website developer (and several clients) convinced me that I could be a thought leader in the field of change, transition, leadership, and other organizational stuff. It seemed to be a way to get my name out there, which might translate into new clients, which translates into more money. I am not very good at marketing myself or my business and this seemed like an easy way.  The first few weeks, it was an effort to think of a topic and to write it and then - a MIRACLE OCCURRED - I started to like it. I started receiving emails from people about how my blog had brightened their day or helped them turn a corner or showed them a possibility for a place they only saw a problem - people liked it. Some of the emails made me cry; I couldn't believe that my posts were making such a difference in the lives of people. At some point, I started to see that I had subscribers that I didn't know. That meant that the people I did know liked it enough that they were sharing it with their friends - COOL!

At this point, it has not generated any new clients or money ... AND ... at this point, I DON'T CARE! The reason that I started doing this is no longer the reason I continue doing it. I have discovered that I am a writer and that what I write about does make a difference for people and those are both really great discoveries. Move over, Columbus - your little discovery has nothing on mine.

Every week, my RANDOM WISDOM, ends with an inquiry or a powerful question designed to help my subscribers dig into some part of their thoughts, emotions or behaviors and take a  closer look. This  post would not be up to my standards if I did not end with a PQ (powerful question)

What have you convinced yourself you're not good at that could benefit from a closer and deeper look?  cuz maybe you really are!

P.S. - Thanks to my friend  Meagan Frank, who is Senior Writer at Books Make A Difference, for asking me to join their BlogHop today and be part of their moms who blog theme in May. This helped me realize that I am a writer; not only do books make a difference, but also I make a difference!


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