To comment or not to comment - that is the question

I may have over 25 years of experience in teaching, leading, consulting, and coaching, but I have about 6 weeks of experience in websites and blogs. My intention with my Random Wisdom blog on the site was to create a space where I could share random items of interest with my clients, potential clients, friends, or people who I have never met (but are following my blog). In January, I began in earnest with a weekly posting of a powerful question designed to help each of us take a deeper look at our lives. The posting is going well (allbeit, my biased perspective), but every week I find myself wondering why isn't anyone posting any comments out there.  I want this to be a community where we share and learn with each other. It wasn't until last night that a reader sent me a note on Facebook telling me that she really wanted to post her response to my challenge but the website said COMMENTS CLOSED.   DUH!  That certainly explained a lot to me about the lack of comments.  Thank-you, friend, for pointing out an issue - BLIND SPOT! Once a blind spot has been identified, the next step is to consider what to do with it. My decision was to fix it. I will spare you the details, but it involved Google, Youtube, and Wordpress help. I believe that I have it figured out ... I simply had to check a little box in settings that said "allow comments". The box has now been checked BUT it only works for new articles. I can't go back and allow comments on former posts (or at least my sources are not telling me how), so this post is a TEST to see if it works.


In order for you to post a comment, you need a question ... let's go with this one ... completely randomly picked from my starving brain (skipped lunch and it's 5:29 p.m.).

PQ -A favorite quote of mine is from Roger Ebert ..."your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you."   If you hit pause right now and tune into a particular issue (personal finances, your job satisfaction, your most important relationship, your stress level, etc.), what are your emotions telling you? and what action do you want to take based on that TRUTH?

I look forward to reading what you have to say about your experience of tuning into your emotional truth ...versus limiting yourself to your intellectual self.  IF the comments now are open, I am ecstatic. IF the comments are still closed, then I am a bit deflated and will seek the guidance of a greater power than Google and Youtube.  Either way, you will have a new question to ponder. Thanks for riding with me on my journey to greater technical prowess!