A weekly (that's the goal) powerful question


Happy New Year!

 2012 was a year of reflection and learning and accomplishment and stumbling and disspointment and celebration and hope for me ... how about your 2012? One of my goals in 2012 was to get a really great website (no bias on my part) up and running. Thanks to my patient and savvy advisors at SocialLink Media, that happened.  It was a lot more work than I had envisioned and it takes even more work and dedication to keep one of these websites from becoming stagnant.  I happened to notice that between March 17 and December 31, 2012,  I only  managed to post something 5 times. 5 TIMES!!!  Are you kidding me?  Who wants to subscribe to some Random Wisdom that is more like rare wisdom?    I apologize, and I vow (sounds more serious than resolve) to do better in 2013.

I had this crazy idea ... I could at least commit to posting a powerful question each week. I have powerful questions in my head all the time anyway. They come to me when I am working out or reading a book or listening to the radio or having a conversation with someone. Why not share my powerful questions that I think could help you be more reflective in 2013?  One of the greatest gifts that coaching has given me is the gift of reflection - I LOVE IT - and I want you to LOVE IT, too.   So, here's to you and a year of more reflection - powerful reflection - that will help you pay as much attention to who you are (be) and what you do (do)!